My trip to Kemmannugundi

Two months back we went for a short family trip to Kemmannugundi in Chikmagalur district. So I thought I will start my first blog with this recent trip.

We started from Davanagere at 7:30 in the morning and reached Shantisagara around 8:40. We were welcomed by a gush of cool breeze as we entered Shantisagara. We got down from our vehicle and took few photos.

Group photo at Shantisagara
Group photo at Shantisagara

About Shantisagara(Soolekere):

Shantisagara, located in Channagiri Taluk, Davangere District, Karnataka is a weekend getaway for the Davanagarians. This place is also called as soolekere by the local people and is a great picnic spot for people around.

Shantisagara is the second largest lake in Asia. The tank is around 800 years old and is the largest man made tank in India. It took three years to construct the huge tank. The tank has a total catchment area of 329.75 square kilometers. It irrigates 1,900 hectares of land and more than 50 villages are benefited by it.

Distance from Davanagere: 52kms
More info: Shantisagara

Siddeshwara Temple located adjacent to the lake is a must visit for everyone. But beware! there are lot of monkeys in this vicinity waiting to snatch food items from you.

We then headed towards Bhadravati via Channagiri which is on SH65. From there we took SH57 and crossed Bhadravati. We could see many enthusiast bikers enroute to Kemmannugundi from Shimoga. We noticed one bike rider with a camera attached to his helmet.

We reached Lingadahalli around 10:30 am and had breakfast. We had Puliyogare and some snacks that we bought from home along with few Bajjis which we got from a hotel nearby. We could see glimpses of Kemmangundi as we moved ahead. There were cloud covered hills and valleys creating a picturesque view, sometimes hiding behind the trees and sometimes revealing themselves. We had to close our windows as it had just started drizzling.

After a few minutes drive on this route we came across a navigation board indicating the way to Kallathagiri Water Falls. We took that route and finally reached the falls.

About Kallathagiri Water Falls:

Kalatti Falls, also called as Kalahasti Falls or Kalathagiri Falls. The water here rushes down from a height of 120 meters. There is a Veerabhadreshwara temple here belonging to the Vijayanagara period.

More info: Kallathagiri Water Falls

We walked from parking area to the water falls. We saw small shops on either side of the road selling many things like toys for children, clothes, flowers, Prasadam, etc. As we proceeded further we came across a flight of steps leading down to Lord Veerabhadreswara temple. In front of the temple on the right hand side was the waterfall. To get to the temple we had to cross the water flowing down. This small temple is built within the rock. We got in and took Darshan.

We all decided to go up to the falls, but our parents declined our offer, mentioning that they were tired. So my cousins and I retraced our steps back to the falls. We all played in the chill water for about more than an hour. It is said that this water is capable of curing many skin problems as it runs through many mountain herbal plants found along it’s path.

The only accomodation at Kalhatgiri is the Horticulture department guest house which faces the Kalhatgiri falls.

Horticulture Guest house
Horticulture Guest house
Veerabhadreshwara Temple at Kallathgiri
Veerabhadreshwara Temple at Kallathgiri
Group at the water fall - Kallathgiri
Group at the water fall – Kallathgiri

From here onwards, the route passes through Kemmanagundi and then to Bababudangiri and Mullaiyanagiri.

At about 2’O clock We started moving towards Kemmangundi. Kemmannugundi is about 10km from Kalhatgiri falls. We found nice spot alongside a small stream of water where we had our lunch. We found the area interesting and took some snaps. We started our journey again and reached kemmannugundi around 2:45.

We were surrounded by mountains and a lush green forest. Kemmannugundi Hill Station lies in the vicinity of the Baba Budan Giri Hills. It is an enchanting place with high hills, cascading waterfalls, dense forests, and lush green mountains.

A small hill near Rose Garden - Kemmannugundi
A small hill near Rose Garden – Kemmannugundi
A beautiful panoramic view of the lush green mountains - Kemmannugundi
A beautiful panoramic view of the lush green mountains – Kemmannugundi

About Kemmannugundi:

Kemmannugundi was the summer retreat of Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV and as a mark of respect to the king, it is also known as Sri Krishnarajendra Hill Station. This is about 1434m above sea level near Chikmaglur.

More info: Kemmannugundi

Time was running fast. We started walking up to Raj Bhavan and Z point. These are two great places where one can enjoy the sunset. There is a rose garden in Raj Bhavan. It has many colorful roses. One can book rooms at Raj Bhavan. Gardens here are very well maintained by horticulture department.

There was not much time left as it was nearing 4:30pm already. My parents got tired and stayed at Raj Bhavan until we returned. We started running towards Z point to catch a glimpse of the sunset. To reach there we had to pass a steep hill. This is the most attractive and magnificent viewpoint and you feel like you’re one with nature. Don’t miss the orchid house and the rock garden at the Horticulture Department Guest House.

We took some nice Photos. When we all returned to the parking area it was past 6pm. I then asked the driver whether we could still go to Bababudan giri. He declined saying as it rained it would be hard to go there as the roads were bad and slippery. So we decided to end our trip there. We got inside the vehicle and started our return journey to Davanagere. When we reached home it was 10’O clock.


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